New Born Baby Protector

Our in-house developed BLE system for new born babies are Wrist or Ankle Band with special Tamper Proof, Baby Locator, alarm protects from theft or abduction and also keeps tracking in the hospital

The BLE Technology & System consists of uCAAT software, BLE Middleware, BLE Tag, BLE Gateway Readers & Sensors, Alertor module devices and networking as required.


  • Baby can be located on the system application
  • If baby is taken out towards the main gates the alarm will raise at distance of 10 meters
  • Reusable Wrist/Ankle band
  • Tamper proof Wristband
  • Water Proof
  • Long battery life (8 months)
  • Gateway reading range +/- 50 meters
The system prevents baby abduction from maternity wards while letting authorized personnel transfer babies between wards. All tag holders, including midwives/nurses, mothers, and infants, can be quickly located in real time.