Technor Study & Research in RFID for Hospital Industry

Case Study : The Issue

About 11 children are kidnapped in India every hour of the day of which half of them are never found. Child trafficking is the third largest profitable industry of the world and India seems to be in the thick of it. India is not only the source, but a destination and transit point for this heinous crime. Apart from kidnapping babies are exchanged in the hospital due to the confusion by nurse or to avoid girl child.

The Solution

Rfid Tagging - A new tagging system will give parents additional peace of mind in ensuring that the right baby is matched with the right mother at all times during their stay at the hospital. Whenever the news of a missing infant breaks out, apart from agony to the parents, it is a huge embarrassment for the hospital that fails to provide safety on its premises. Our RFid Tagging system is a boon to the government hospitals, where with newborns are kidnapped under the very nose of security guards. Thus Ensure more trust worthy Security System.

The Initiative

The Andhra Pradesh Health, Medical and Family Welfare department, in a initiative, has decided to use technology aided security measures for the safety of the newborns in government hospitals. The RFID tag system was successfully demonstrated by the technology provider in Guntur General Hospital recently, and the demonstration of RFID mother-infant tagging was witnessed by NHM representatives as well as Director, Medical Education. The system is implemented from June 15th 2018 and the rising instances of child lifting and stealing of new born babies or mix up of infants in Government Hospitals teeming with patients and attendants becoming a bother. The Department after adequate and research on the best practices, recommend RFID technology to check the menace, said Principal Secretary, Health and Medical, Poonam Malakondaiah.

The Functionality

When the baby is moved away from the mother beyond the specified access points, the units installed there with ‘antenna and transceiver’ would read the micro chip in the RFID tag and raise an alarm. The new system uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology with mother and baby fitted with pre-matched tags once they arrival at the maternity ward. This is in addition to the manual tags they wear in the labour ward, when the baby is brought to his mother, detect the real-time location of every mother-and-baby paired tags. At the time of discharge from the hospital, as a security measure the ward nurse will ensure both tags match before they are removed.

With reference to the contract subjected, we have stared the project in June end and rolled by each hospital of DME and APPVVP. The project consists of RFID tags for mother and baby, RFID readers at main gates, control station with uCAAT software. The employees have been engaged in all the hospitals to write and tag the RFID tags to mother and baby and providing training to the nursing staff.

Technor RFid has tagged around babies and protected the babies from child lifters and Kidnappers.

Analytical Reports and Monitoring

We have engaged employees for DME and APPVVP hospitals covering around the clock apart from Zonal Supervisor for monitoring day to day activities and to resolve if there are any issues related to RFID tagging process.

CM dashboard has been developed where the reports will be on real time to the CM dashboard