TechnoR Specializes in following RFid Services

TechnoR’s uCAAT is complete solution to maintain details and track your movable Assets / Products/ Components /Objects to help you to report on real-time basis by providing comprehensive management analytical reports.

The following are the some of the areas where RFID is being used:

  • Healthcare – Tracking Medical Devices, New Born, Patients, Drugs
  • Enterprise Supply Chain Management – Tracking movement of material throughout the supply chain process
  • Manufacturing of Automotive and Industrial Goods – Tracking and monitoring valuable assets and improvise assembly sequencing by integrating manufacturing process
  • Retail and Warehousing – Locating goods and managing inventory effectively
  • Aerospace and Defence – Tracking Aircraft components and Defence Equipment’s
  • Oil and Gas – Tracking high value assets in an Oil Rig or Gas Producing plant
  • Jewellery – Tracking precious jewellery and managing inventory on daily basis
  • IT and Corporate House – Tracking high value IT assets like laptops
  • Power & Energy – Tracking high value assets in Power Generation Plants
  • Data Centres – Tracking high value Data Centres and managing inventory in Banks and Financial Institutions and IT Companies
  • Document Tracking – Tracking and authenticating important documents throughout its life cycle
  • Library – Tracking Books
  • Schools/Colleges – Identification and automatic attendance - In/Out
  • Government – Tracking confidential government assets and documents
  • Real Estate – Tracking and monitoring the inventory of construction equipment’s and assets
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul – Tracking high value maintenance machines and tools
  • Logistics – Tracking Transport movements with the GPS system
  • Airport – Tracking passenger baggage from arrival to final destination

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