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Software for protecting Newborn Babies from abduction and swapping.

NeoSafe, an in-house developed software system that utilizes RFID technology and a smart wristband to provide comprehensive protection and tracking for new born babies. The smart wristband comes equipped with a special tamper proof design, a cut alarm, a baby locator, and mother baby separator alarm tags, ensuring that the baby is safe at all times.

Our child tracking system provides parents with peace of mind by continuously monitoring the baby's movements using RFID and an Android mobile device. The system also includes a monitoring database located in the control room. If the baby goes missing, the system sends an alert to the control room, providing crucial information to quickly locate the missing baby.


The RFID tags are temper proof with cut off alarm and having mother and baby matching ID’s. This system prevents baby abduction from maternity wards while letting authorized personnel transfer babies between wards. All tag holders, including midwives, nurses, mothers, and infants, can be quickly located in real time.