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TechnoR Solutions operates on a multi-shift basis, 24x7, state-of-the-art, multi-channel integrated call and contact centre located in Chennai, India. We are a group of dedicated people who are committed to outliving customer expectations. TechnoR is a leading Business Process Outsourcing company that provides turn-key BPO solutions to various business Units, Banking & Finance, Technology, Sourcing Houses, etc.

TechnoR's solutions and services are designed to provide its clients with:

  • The highest standards in quality and security.

We view ourselves as growth drivers rather than just outsourcing partners for our clients. Injecting predictability into each aspect of our operations, we offer top-of-the-line solutions that are marked with consistency, reliability, and quality.

Document Indexing Services

At a very competitive price, we provide you with the best solutions to your document management and information retrieval needs. Our indexing services deal with different documents like Library Book indexing, Manuals, Journals, Catalogs, Medical records, Legal document indexing etc.

retrieval, archiving, and document conversion with our team of experienced professionals. Documents are digitized and stored. However, the retrieval of documents, based upon key information, is of prime importance to completing the entire Digital Document Management Cycle. It can be in the form of images and cannot be searched in the form of keywords. Then, the big question is about information retrieval.

We have the answer. Indexing. Indexing is a technique by which vital information contained in these documents is captured and entered into a Document Management System or a database of any sort.

TechnoR Scanning Services

Scanning is the process of converting documents, records, or any type of paper (hard copy) into an electronic format (soft copy) by utilizing the state-of-the-art scanners available with TechnoR. The document (hard copy) may be of various sizes, ranging from A8 to A0.

Constant investment in advanced systems enables us to perform image enhancements, including automatic de-skewing and sizing. Our scanners are capable of scanning in bitonal and color and performing image enhancements, including automatic de-skewing and sizing. Our scanners are capable of scanning in bitonal, color, grayscale, or a combination of these up to 1200 dpi. They also scan both sides of a sheet simultaneously.

TechnoR has scanned CFA documents from major mobile service providers covering Tamil Nadu and converted them to digital images. Our document conversion process is perfectly designed to provide the utmost safety when handling your original documents.


After the completion of the above process, we send our final data to our quality control team. Our QC team will check the data for final output with raw data, and if any image is found to not satisfy the those files are immediately deleted and sent for re-scanning. Once again, all the above processes are completed, and the image is added to the file at the right place and then passed on to the final inspection. The final inspector examines the image for quality, clarity, sharpness, image sequences, and appearances before delivering the final output data to the client in the appropriate format (.PDF,.JPEG,.TIFF).