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uCAAT - Universal Cataloging Auto Analytic Tool

uCAAT has an integrated cataloging system, connects to RFID systems, and generates the necessary data in an analytical format.

uCAAT is a web-based application that captures asset, product, and component characteristics such as description, model, part number, and technical specifications and converts them into a logical code with a structured description. This functionality is combined with RFID technology so that the asset, product, or component's motions can be captured automatically, contact-less, and reported in real time. The data collected by RFID is transformed into MIS reports and dashboards for management by performing analytic.

  • Cataloging Module
  • RFID Technology Module
  • Analytic Module

uCAAT – Cataloging Module

A robust asset/product/component coding, cataloging, and standardization tool that can be interfaced or integrated with any system. UCAAT is an online client and server application that runs on ASP.net and connects to a SQL or Oracle database. In a very user-friendly environment, the application builds a thorough and comprehensive noun-modifier repertoire. It allows for the logical coding of assets, goods, and components, as well as the classification of assets, products, and components based on internationally defined attributes.

Automatic item classification, infinite editing possibilities, and "real-time" integration with the ERP system are all features of the cataloging system. Users may swiftly categorize content from many sources into any standardized, internal schema or our LICS using Automatic Product Classification (Logical Intelligent Codification System).

uCAAT – RFID Technology Module

RFID is a wireless technology that can identify and count a wide range of objects without the need for physical touch or line of sight.

RFID technology reads asset, product, or component movements that have already been coded and cataloged in real time, giving the organization visibility and allowing them to automate physical asset inventories, track movements, and monitor them in real time for security and safekeeping.

uCAAT – Analytic Module

The tagged asset, product, or component, when comes into contact within the RFID antenna range, captures the movement and passes it on to the RFID reader, which in turn provides the information to the system. This data is analyzed by the Analytics Module.

The Analytics module offers a powerful analysis of complex situations and aids in the right, real-time triggering of alarms and relevant management decisions. Performance dashboards for various levels of management and a scientific approach to major decisions are the hallmarks of the UCAAT Analytic module.

TechnoR's uCAAT is a comprehensive solution for maintaining details and tracking your mobile assets, products, and components, as well as assisting you in reporting in real time through comprehensive management analytical reports.